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My favorite vendor booth tips

vendor booth

I love this time of year — there are so many vendor events and craft fairs to not only go to but work as a vendor as well. It’s festive and fun but also a really great way of finding new customers and new teammates for your direct selling business. Below is the best tips I’ve ever encountered on Pinterest and of course my own thoughts too.

Without further adieu –

A clean display

Your visual display includes the tablecloth, products on the table, and any signage in front or to the side of your area. Ensure the tablecloth reaches the floor so as to hide any bags or storage items you brought along. Be careful not to display too many products or overcrowd your area. Keep it simple, clean, and inviting!
Colors are a great way to evoke emotion and make a statement. The absence of color is another way to stand out, letting your products do the talking. White walls, floor, table cloth, props and your uniform for the day is bound to make shoppers stop and take notice.

The right colors will communicate a message (think light blue for calming spa-like atmosphere or yellow for fun, cheerful products) and attract your ideal customer. You can’t know and appeal to everyone’s taste but is the person you’re trying to attract, attracted to soft pastels, bright neons or rich hues?

Fav_Jam booth


A spotlight on a display or product immediately catches the eye and draws it to your product. Mood lighting can be effective too but you don’t want your space to feel drab. Shoppers need to be able to see what they’re buying so be sure you’re not impeding sales in an attempt to create dramatic lighting. You can get creative and not only use lighting to highlight your displays but make lighting part of the display.

Be creative with your display. Try and imagine that your display is an actual retail display in a store. How would that look? Just because it is a vendor event, doesn’t mean your display has to look cheap!

Independent Scentsy Rep 

Utilize the space well. There are many ways to fill up a booth space. Decide if you should allow customers to come into your booth, or if it would be more feasible to have your tables on the outside perimeter of the space. Do you want to be in front talking directly to your customers, or should you be behind your tables? These are important things to consider!

Make sure you have easy access to all of the supplies you need. Order forms, credit card processor, your cash and anything else you need to complete your sale.

Utilize fabric curtains around your tent or booth space that coordinate with your display.

Solid color tabelcloths are usually best. Using patterns will make it harder for people to see your products.

Use a well fitting tablecloth. A sure fire way to make your display look cheap is to not use a tablecloth that actually fits your table well and covers the entire table in the front and sides.


Will you be holding a raffle or giveaway? Are there printed materials such as flyers or catalogs you would like to hand out? Make sure you have a way of collecting potential customer information so that you are able to reach out to them in the future about your product and hostess opportunities.

Note that the bags are even in her company colors. Great branding and since it’s an outdoor event she even has water for her visitors. Fantastic!
Meet other vendors

Networking with your fellow vendors is one of the best ways to be remembered at a vendor show. I have made countless connections and extra business with my fellow vendors — they are another networking circle that you may not have yet. I’ve been invited to many more vendor events and other opportunities just because I was friendly and networked around.



Just be you!

This goes for saying for any contact you have with your potential customers. Whether it is a vendor event or down the aisles at Target. Be genuine, be approachable, just be yourself! Smile, ask people how they are enjoying the event and let them know you are there to answer any questions they may have!

I am so in love with this whole booth — it’s been on my pinterest board for almost 3 years. I just love it!

The most popular booths at a craft show have one thing in common:


A strong identity.


They’re not displaying 50 different products in 20 variations, just in case someone isn’t a fan of their first version. They’re proudly showing off their style, even if it’s different, quirky or edgy and aren’t worried about it not being a fit for everyone.


They’re not confused when it comes to their brand. They’ve built a craft show display based on what works for them, their business and their customers. Their brand’s personality and style are splashed across every element of their space. From their signage and photos to their tablecloth and display fixtures.


They’re not hiding behind their craft show table, using pushy tactics to move product or looking desperate for a sale. They’re authentic and have a way of talking about their handmade products that garners interest and makes shoppers feel comfortable enough to stick around and ask questions. They know the identity of their business and they’re confident in their direction.


ok there it is you guys!


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